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Our Policies

The Directorship of QUALITY FROZEN SOLUTIONS, S.L. has the absolute conviction that the development of prevention, regarding health and safety, in our company is a beneficial measure, both from a social point of view and also to improve working conditions and the health of our employees, and from an economic point of view, in order to increase the profitable management of the company.

The Management is committed to unnecessary and avoidable risks to workers and with a clear intention to comply with the provisions in the regulations of the prevention of occupational hazards.


To achieve these objectives and maintain its commitment to the prevention of occupational risks, the company is committed to establishing mechanisms for evaluating and improving its system of prevention of occupational risks, it remains the responsibility of the company and all staff to prevent , control and correct occupational hazards, as far as possible.


All members of staff are aware of their involvement and responsibility in contributing to the continuous improvement of the management system of prevention of occupational hazards, which are inherent in all activities in the company.


The Directorate of QUALITY FROZEN SOLUTIONS, S.L. sets general policy objectives regarding Occupational Risks prevention:


–              To align the organization and control the reduction, elimination and prevention of occupational hazards.

–               Comply with applicable health and safety laws at work and other requirements to which the organization is responsible.

–               Evaluate and continuously improve the management system in the prevention of occupational risks within the company

–               Establish and promote all staff objectives and commitments regarding the prevention of occupational hazards.

–               Provide adequate resources for the development of Management systems and occupational Health and Safety.


Achieving these goals will benefit all members of the company and requires the determined cooperation of everyone, without which it will be impossible to achieve.

This Policy is applicable to all employees, visitors and stakeholders in the management of Health and safety at work.

QUALITY FROZEN SOLUTIONS, S.L. has developed an environmental policy that reconciles the specific requirements of economic activity with maximum respect for the environment. Its protection is a commitment that QUALITY FROZEN SOLUTIONS, S.L. assumes and therefore applies in all activities undertaken by the company.

–               A commitment to compliance with environmental legislation and regulations in force and other requirements to which the organization is obligated.

–               Evaluate the resulting environmental aspects of our activities.

–               Raise awareness and involve all company employees in the need to be respectful regarding their activities in relation to the environment which surrounds them.

–               Publicize the Environmental Management System to approved suppliers and contractors, inviting them to participate in our Environmental Policy.

–               Be able to generate and maintain the concept of pollution prevention to other staff related to QUALITY FROZEN SOLUTIONS, S.L. ..

–               Rationally use natural resources, raw materials and energy.

–               Implement permanent training courses, awareness and motivation with regard to environmental protection to all workers and people related to the company. To make them aware of the impact of their work on the environment.


Contractors developments and acquires the commitment to continuous improvement and environmental protection in its environmental policy and through this document exposes the Directorate employees, suppliers, customers and partners overall commitment.

The QUALITY FROZEN SOLUTIONS, S. L. quality policy determines the principles that underlie actions and decisions regarding quality and suitability for the corporate purpose of the organization as a company which freezes horticultural products, and our main objective is customer satisfaction.

As a means to achieve recognition and guarantee the quality of its products and services, the organization has implemented a quality management system in accordance with the UNE-EN-ISO 9001, EN ISO 22000 and the BRC protocol.

Accordingly, the principles on which QUALITY FROZEN SOLUTIONS, S.L. bases its Quality Policy are:

–               To create a culture within the organization that allows us to anticipate the needs of our customers, and satisfying their expectations.

–               To have the mechanisms defined within the organization in order to establish and achieve the goals of quality and safety.

–               Involve all members of the organization in the development and continuous improvement of Quality System QUALITY FROZEN SOLUTIONS, S.L. ..

–               Monitor compliance with the legal and regulatory requirements affecting their activity.

–               Purchase quality raw material and ensure safety.

–               Achieve optimal levels of cleanliness and hygiene.

–               Improve production processes.

–               Commitment to the production of safe and legal food.

–               Commitment to follow-up from supplier to the customer We ensure complete safety of our products

QUALITY FROZEN SOLUTIONS, S.L. commitment to Quality Management is paramount. We make sure that all members of our team achieve our quality objectives. In order to meet the demands of our clients it is necessary that we have a good understanding of our clients’ needs in order to communicate them to our suppliers.

The Directorship of QUALITY FROZEN SOLUTIONS, S.L. is committed to developing a plan for equal opportunities based on the following points:

–               To develop a Plan for Equal Opportunities between women and men in terms related to the Organic Law 3/2007 of the 22nd of March for the effective equality of women and men.

–               Establish a commitment of participation and involvement in the whole process of preparing the Diagnosis and Equality Plan and the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the Plan.

–               To carry out this purpose, an Equality Commission , composed of women and men in equal number between the company and the legal representation of workers will be created.

–               The equality plan will be agreed on between the company and legal representation.

–              The participation of the staff will be encouraged at all times, and they will be informed of the decisions taken and the evolution of the Equality Plan, establishing a fluid communication, for which formal channels will be established so that all staff members receive information , and can express opinions, concerns and suggestions.

–               To prepare an evaluation of the situation, staff opinions will be taken into account, they will complete questionnaires with views on equality. Also during the monitoring process, completed staff opinion surveys on sexual harassment, training, conciliation, recruitment will also be taken into account. Staff Management, Legal Representatives and Human Resources staff will receive training regarding equality.

–               El personal de Dirección, Representantes Legales de la plantilla y Recursos Humanos recibirán formación en materia de igualdad.

–               All staff will receive awareness training regarding equal opportunities for women and men.

Our commitment to the environment